The Definition of Sexy (book)

The Definition of Sexy: One Life, One Body, One You is a powerful book that really hit home with more than 90% of its readers.

“There are so many things in life that take away from our ability to live the best life we can live and the worse part of it is being unaware of over half the things we do because it has now become habit. Some things in life we can’t control, but we can control how we allow these situations to affect us. The Definition of Sexy: One Life, One Body, One You touches on many situations that we as women go through on a daily basis. The main point of the book is to reach the hearts and thoughts of all women and plant three main seeds:

1. We are all created to be so much more than we settle for so let’s start truly living life, life being defined as acceptance of that in which we can not change and power and drive to change that in which we can.
2. The ability to realize and work towards our given destiny and purpose in life.
3. Understanding that we are not perfect and that mistakes through out life will be made. It’s not the mistakes we make in life that convict us but at times our inability to take accountability, seek forgiveness and move forward.

Life is waiting patiently for us to begin living it.

Click here to purchase your copy.


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